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Why outsource when I can keep it in-house and it will only cost a little bit more, but at least I‘ll have full control?

There is no denying you need to provide your service / sell products / offer value for money, all whilst offering impeccable uncompromising quality. Why would you want to risk all that for the sake of a few pounds?

Well, let’s have a look at why most successful businesses do exactly that.

Hiring an employee may not be a realistic option as you might only need them for a couple of hours a week or in an emergency e.g. most successful companies do not have a full-time window cleaner or rat catcher!

The costs of a full-time employee is not just what they get paid – offering an employee a minimum wage means you will be paying PAYE and National Insurance on top, not to mention paying them for approximately a month’s holiday every year. Your full-time employee costs you salary, holidays, office furniture, office space, a computer and a software licence to name but a few. Let’s not get started on sick pay, absence, lateness, overtime, training and management!

Save money on overheads. Having staff is expensive! You have overhead costs like office space, supplies, computer and software expenses.

We have the resources, the equipment, software and tools to get the job done.


Reduce cost associated with having employees such as payroll taxes, benefits, health insurance as well as keeping on top of compliance with the ever-changing laws.
By outsourcing to BCDS Services, you can rest assured you won’t need to worry about these additional costs.

We have staff to step in when your staff have to step out.
What currently happens when your drawing staff is sick, or on maternity leave?
If you are our client, we can work at any given moment.

You only pay for the work we do. You don’t pay for holidays, sick pay, overtime, training, maternity/paternity leave etc.

We pay that, because they are employees of BCDS Services! You pay for the output not what it costs to create it.

Why should I outsource my technical drawing?

  • Lower overheads; less investment in expensive drawing software or employing somebody to make best use of it.
  • Faster Turn-Around; this is all we do, we don’t have to take meetings, travel to sites or spend time on the phone. We draw.
  • Increased Productivity; revisions can be done quickly as we are not hampered by lunch hours, breaks, training and the usual 9-5 work day.

In this current climate, you have to either be the best or near enough to it, you also need to bid competitively. Outsourcing your drawing projects to professionals can make it easier for you to compete against your peers.

BCDS Services

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